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Cooperation process


Based on your enquiry, we will prepare 3D designs of your product. After approval of the designs, we will prepare the moulds.


This is followed by material tests to ensure that the final product will have the appropriate properties.


Once all the details have been fine-tuned, we will start production of the quantities of the product you have requested.

Frequently asked questions

What you should know about the products and the collaboration before we start creating a solution for you
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Do you also sell your products to end customers?

We do not sell products directly to the consumer. We create sustainable solutions for companies that replace conventional plastics with bioplastics in their products. They sell them to end customers.

What should I do with the used product?

The product can be disposed of in industrial or home compost, depending on the type of NonOilen® material. For larger catering facilities, hotels or schools, the products can be disposed of in a home electric composter.

Which countries do you supply your products to?

We are not limited in terms of delivery location and can therefore deliver your products anywhere.

Do you have unanswered questions?

Get in touch. We'll be happy to make sure you get answers to everything you'd like to know.
We are a company dedicated to the production of bioplastic products and a partner that shares your vision of a greener future.
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