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NonOilen® is the only certified bioplastic on the market that contains only natural-based polymers with the addition of only eco-friendly additives.

It is an environmentally sustainable alternative that makes it possible to replace oil-based plastics. It decomposes without material residues and the formation of microplastics into non-toxic components that do not have a negative impact on nature.

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We give back to nature what we took from it

The source of raw material for the production of NonOilen® is biomass. It is used to create the granulate used for the manufacture of products. At the end of their life cycle, they belong in domestic/industrial compost or soil, depending on the material type.

The products decompose in a biologically active environment without microplastics and residues.

At the end, a substrate suitable for both further cultivation and soil improvement is produced, thus closing the cycle.







Rigidity at higher temperature



No microplastics



Conventional plastics

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Industrial compost

This type of NonOilen® material is decomposable in industrial compost at temperatures above 55 °C and humidity above 40%.

Home compost

NonOilen® is decomposable in home compost, while the process in industrial compost is faster than in the case of the previous type.

Whether you need recyclable cosmetic packaging with custom printing, food packaging or bags, we customize products to meet your needs.

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Frequently asked questions

What you should know about NonOilen® bioplastics
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What is NonOilen® made of?

NonOilen® contains polymers based on natural substances with the addition of eco-friendly additives. The first generation of NonOilen® bioplastics has polylactic acid (PLA) and polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) as the main components. The second generation contains thermoplastic starch (TPS) in addition to the basic polymers.

In addition to these basic ingredients, environmentally friendly plasticizers, almost exclusively citric acid esters, are added to the compounds. A third generation of NonOilen®, which will use organic waste from biomass-based industrial production, is now in development.

How quickly will a NonOilen® product decompose?

The rate of decomposition depends on both the formulation and the product itself. Thicker products (e.g. jars) will decompose more slowly than thin films. Generally, however, decomposition takes place within 12 months in home compost, and within 180 days in industrial compost.

How does NonOilen® differ from other biodegradable plastics?

Many bioplastics that are currently on the market contain fossil resources. Examples are compounds for the production of flexible films and biodegradable bags. Up to 50% of their polymer base consists of fossil raw material sources. NonOilen® is flexible even though it contains only natural-based polymers.

Available bioplastics also have poor dimensional stability at elevated temperatures. A cup made of NonOilen® can be washed in hot water up to 100 °C.

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