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For more than 10 years, we have been making bioplastic products to transform your vision of sustainability into reality with you
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NonOilen® material

Unique bioplastic from Slovakia

Fully compostable material made from renewable raw materials with properties similar to traditional plastics. It does not contain synthetic polymers and its properties are modifiable.

NonOilen® biopolymer from PANARA meets the highest criteria for bioplastics.

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If you're not just after a green image, but are looking for real eco-friendly solutions.

Frequently asked questions

What you should know about bioplastics and bioplastic products
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What are bioplastics?

Bioplastics are materials made from renewable raw materials. Ideally, they should not contain any petroleum-based polymers. At the same time, they can decompose in the biologically active environment of a domestic or industrial compost.

Won't bioplastic products disintegrate if left on the table for too long?

No, products made of this material will only decompose in a biologically active environment (compost or soil) where they have the right conditions to do so.

Do bioplastics have the same properties as conventional plastics?

Bioplastics can have the same properties as conventional plastics and several of them offer additional benefits in terms of ecology. These are a lower carbon footprint and no microplastics when they break down. Some bioplastics, including NonOilen®, offer additional functional properties such as compostability, increased heat resistance or greater rigidity.

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We are a company dedicated to the production of bioplastic products and a partner that shares your vision of a greener future.
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