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Safety and sustainability – a challenge met

Packaging for the pharmaceutical industry must comply with the highest criteria for safety, quality, and handling.

Our bioplastic packaging solutions preserve the stability of both pharmaceuticals and food supplements and protect them from changes caused by external influences such as moisture, oxygen or sunlight.

In addition, they are sustainable as they simply decompose in compost at the end of their life cycle.


During use, bioplastic containers have similar properties to those of conventional plastics in pharmaceuticals - strength, toughness or protection from light.


Bioplastic jars are a full-fledged alternative to single-use plastic products because they are safe and easy to use.


Effectively protect all kinds of pharmaceutical products, from vitamin C to the most sophisticated antibiotics.

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NonOilen® material

NonOilen® is the only certified bioplastic on the market that is 100% biobased and biodegradable. It contains only natural-based polymers with the addition of only eco-friendly additives.

It decomposes without material residues and the formation of microplastics into non-toxic components that do not have a negative impact on nature.

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Individual solutions for your company

If you have a clear idea of the product you need, we can help you fine-tune details such as wall thickness or curves.

If recyclable bioplastic packaging is still just your vision, we will guide you through the entire process, from product visualisation to packaging selection.



Biodegradability certificate
Food Contact Certificate

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Join the companies that are recognized by customers as socially responsible because they are taking real steps to reduce their carbon footprint, microplastics and fossil resource use.

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Frequently asked questions

What you should know about biodegradable packaging for pharmaceuticals and food supplements
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Does the material meet food contact requirements?

Yes, the type of NonOilen® material we use to manufacture our products for the pharmaceutical industry is permitted to come into contact with food in product form.

What does biocompatibility mean?

Biocompatibility is a general term that refers to the suitability of a material for exposure to an organism (host) or body fluids with an acceptable host response. In other words, such material does not induce toxic or immune reactions in the human body.

What to do with the used product?

The product can be disposed of in industrial or home compost, depending on the type of NonOilen® material.

We are a company dedicated to the production of bioplastic products and a partner that shares your vision of a greener future.
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